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OBMeet® for Financial Institutions

Provides a solid way of communication, improving internal and external collaboration, increasing efficiency and improving customer service.

Positive Engagements

Active engagement via personal and face-to-face video solutions enables investment banks to have a better understanding of the complex changes taking place, and allows those who engage to be much better placed above competition for the future..

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Share Key Personnel

With specialists now able to cover larger territories and meet more often with more prospects, efficiency, relationships and experience is greatly improved, therefore improving specialist utilisation and generating higher returns.

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Efficiency & Productivity

The implementation of video based solutions into your organisation reduces unproductive travel time and prevents meeting delays. It also allows for creating shorter and more structured meetings, especially in comparison to meetings held via audio conference.

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Video Communications & Investment Banking

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Cost savings with regards to time & travel

Cost Savings

One of the long standing benefits of video conferencing implementation is the reduction in travel, saving greatly on time and money. On average, businesses reduce travel by 25-30%, with many organisations stating that they have decreased business travel costs by as much as 50%, by completely eliminating or hugely reducing the need to travel for recurring business meetings, training and executive presentations..

2 Customer Engagement & Customer Service


Professional video conferencing solutions enable financial institutions to be proactive in retaining distance customers, where face-to-face meetings are generally less frequent. It is important that a strong connection is made between the investor, adviser and the firm, and these connections can only be made via visual interaction. .

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Increasing efficiency & productivity

71% of wealthy investors are found to be using online solutions to manage their investments, with over 50% using video communication in their personal lives.

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